2023 Design Problem

A popular national restaurant chain has hired you to design a signature pendant light fixture for their outdoor patio. The client wants the light fixture to be a subtle branding opportunity for the restaurant as well as provide general ambient light for the area and the tables. The fixture will be used in 500 restaurant locations across the United States. It may be attached to a building overhang, a trellis, shade structure or other type of outdoor architecture. The architecture is up to you. The table layout is flexible/movable. Assume that each restaurant location will need a quantity of at least 10 fixtures.

The fixture must be easily removable so it can be brought in during the winter months when the patio is not in use in many areas. Take into consideration the quality of light, energy use, the wiring of the fixture and how it disconnects, the outdoor environment, wind, and durability. Identify all major components and materials of the fixture. Document the fixture as instructed under the Competition Rules.

2023 Winners

First Place

Ben Pipitone, Industrial Design, Appalachian State University

Second Place

Tyler Cook, Industrial Design, Appalachian State University

Third Place

Haoda Ma, Furniture, Lighting, and Fixtures Design, ArtCenter College of Design

Citation for Innovative Concept

Jenny (Jiening) Chen, Product Design, ArtCenter College of Design

Citation for Innovative Concept

Lauren Rauch, Architecture, Miami University

Citation for Presentation

Anna Pringle, Interior Design, University of Texas at Arlington

Citation for Presentation

Shuning Yang, Product Design, ArtCenter College of Design