2020 Design Problem

A prominent city in the south east is constructing a series of bus shelters to support their new fleet of electric buses. The shelter is designed by a prominent contemporary architect and intended to be an inviting, yet comfortable place. They have hired you to design a light fixture for the shelter. The light fixture should be functional, yet an attractive element which enhances the shelter design. The shelter is 10′ high, 18′ long x 6′ deep, but the length of the shelter can increase of decrease to accommodate the requirement of the bus stop so your fixture design should accommodate the variation. Determining the architectural design of the shelter is up to you.

Provide sufficient light to insure safety and security. The shelter will be installed in both urban and suburban settings so you should be mindful of issues of glare inside and outside of the shelter and light trespass from the shelter. Your light fixture should look good during the day and night. Your fixture should be vandal resistant as well as waterproof (unless protected from the rain). Energy use, durability and maintenance are important considerations for the public structure. Describe how the luminaire is controlled. Do not use self-ballasted lamps and other retrofit lamps that fit into incandescent screw base sockets. Identify all major components and materials of the fixture. Document the fixture as instructed in Rules & Submission.

First Place

Olivia Birritteri, Architecture, Thomas Jefferson University

Second Place

Alli Brooks, Interior Design, Miami University

Third Place

Peter Holderith, Industrial Design, Thomas Jefferson University

Citation for Presentation

Ashkan Radnia, Architecture, University of North Carolina – Charlotte

Citation for Presentation

Keenan Boliek-Poling, Architecture, University of New Mexico