2005 Design Problem

Design a light fixture to light an 8’ wide exterior pathway in an urban park. The park is in proximity to the ocean, in a relatively mild climate where it sometimes snows in the winter. The light fixture needs to illuminate the path as well as provide security. Consider the issues of safety, glare, light trespass and light pollution when designing your fixture. Also consider the issue of identification of people and surround. Your fixture should use high efficiency sources, such as compact fluorescent or metal halide lamps, or LEDs. The ballast should be integral to the fixture. Self-ballasted lamps and other retrofit lamps are not acceptable. Identify all major interior and exterior components and materials. Describe how your fixture addresses the environment and task.

First Place

Kenneth A. Boyer, Interior Design, Cazenovia College Cazenovia

Second Place

Jill Sieber, Interior Design, Ringling School of Art + Design

Third Place

Hannah Walsworth, Interior Design, Ringling School of Art + Design

Citation for Presentation

Lisa Glaspell, Interior Design, University of Texas at Arlington