2006 Design Problem

Design a vanity light fixture for mounting at a mirror that is over a sink or countertop in an institutional or hospitality restroom. The light fixture should create a flattering pattern and color of light on the face and body of the user. Consider the issues of sustainable materials, lamp access for ease of maintenance, cost and a design that is adaptable to different aesthetic styles. Incorporate controls integral to the fixture to save energy. Your fixture should use energy-efficient, high efficiency sources, such as linear fluorescent, compact fluorescent, or other sources with excellent color rendering, long life and instant on. The ballast should be integral to the fixture. Self-ballasted lamps and other retrofit lamps are not acceptable. Identify all major components and materials.

First Place

Jessica Zimmerman, Interior Design, Virginia Tech Blacksburg

Second Place

Lance Hayes, Architecture, Montana State University

Third Place

Keehoon Yoo, Industrial Design, Purdue University

Third Place

Juliet Serem, Interior Architecture, Rhode Island School of Design

Citation for Innovative Concept

Brittany Ann Faucett, Interior Design, Ringling School of Art + Design

Citation for Presentation

Santiago Montoya, Architecture, California State Polytechnic University