2008 Design Problem

A luxury hotel chain is building a large, multi-story hotel in a resort destination. They want an elegant, ADA compliant sconce to light the guest room corridors. The corridors are 6’ wide, 8’6” high with room entries on each side. The sconce should light the room entry, as well as light the corridor when there is no entry door. Management is concerned about energy and maintenance costs. Consider the aesthetics of architectural finishes and materials as you design the sconce. Your sconce should use energy-efficient lamps, such as compact fluorescent, or other light sources with good color rendering and long life. The ballast should be integral to the fixture. Self-ballasted lamps and other retrofit lamps that fit into incandescent screw base sockets are not acceptable. Identify all major components and materials.

First Place

Sandra Maacaron, Lighting Design, Parsons School of Design

Second Place

Rachel Prager, Interior Design, Ringling College of Art & Design

Third Place

Amanda N. McAlpine, Interior Design, Virginia Tech

Citation for Technical Achievement

Elizabeth Langford, Interior Design, Ringling College of Art & Design

Citation for Presentation

Brian Ha, Architecture, Princeton University

Citation for Presentation

Luke Winter, Architecture, Montana State University

Citation for Innovative Concept

Monica K. White, Interior Design, Ringling College of Art & Design