2009 Design Problem

A national retail clothing chain wants to update their fitting rooms with a light fixture that can be used in their new store design. The retailer is looking for an interesting twist to their fitting rooms and they think that the lighting might be able to provide it. Yet the most important consideration is making the clothes and the customer appear flattering in the mirror. The fitting room is 5′ wide, 5′ deep and 8′ high with a full length mirror at one end. The fixture may be mounted on the wall or ceiling. Consider the issues of aesthetics, color rendering, glare, and maintenance when designing your fixture. Your fixture should use energy-efficient, long life lamps, such as linear fluorescent, LED, or compact fluorescent. The ballast or power supply should be integral to the fixture. Self-ballasted lamps and other retrofit lamps that fit into incandescent screw base sockets are not acceptable and will be disqualified. Identify all major components and materials.

First Place

Vici Aulbaugh, Interior Design, University of Texas at Arlington

Second Place

Justin Fowler, Architecture, Harvard University Graduate School of Design

Third Place

Katie Garber, Industrial Design, University of Cincinnati

Citation for Presentation

Ali Johnson, Interior Architecture, Kansas State University

Citation for Innovative Concept

Kyle Perry, Architecture, Ball State University, College of Architecture and Planning