2010 Design Problem

An architect is looking for a porch light to use at the front door of new or restored residences located on a quiet neighborhood street. The house design varies from single family units to 4-8 family condominiums. The architect wants a porch light that allows the resident to see the face of visitors at the door, while also illuminating the entry way and the house number. Residents are very sustainability-conscious so glare, light pollution, and energy use are important considerations. Consider the aesthetics of architectural finishes and materials as you design the porch light. Your porch light should use energy-efficient lamps, such as compact fluorescent, LED, or other light sources with good color rendering and long life. The ballast or power supply should be integral to the fixture. Self-ballasted lamps and other retrofit lamps that fit into incandescent screw base sockets are not acceptable. Identify all major components and materials.

First Place

Guanqun Wang, Interior Design, University of Central Oklahoma

Second Place

Xiaoqian Dong, Interior Design, University of Central Oklahoma

Third Place

Lissette Cortes, Interior Design, Ringling College of Art + Design

Citation for Technical Achievement and Presentation

Drew Downie, Industrial Design, Ohio State University

Citation for Presentation

Michael H. Marsh, Architecture and Historic Preservation, Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture