2012 Design Problem

Design a light fixture to illuminate the task area of an airline ticket counter. The fixture should light the task, the patron and agent on either side of the counter and provide ambient light. The fixture should be mounted to the counter and not suspended from the ceiling. The ticketing area of the airport is a voluminous space with a ceiling height of 20’. Consider the issues of the integration and/or expression of the fixture in the architecture, glare and maintenance. It is up to you to determine the design of the ticketing area. Your fixture should use energy-efficient lamps, such as fluorescent, LED, metal halide or other light sources with good color rendering and long life. The ballast or power supply should be integral to the fixture. Self-ballasted lamps and other retrofit lamps that fit into incandescent screw base sockets are not acceptable. Identify all major components and materials.

First Place

Katheryn Czub, Lighting, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Second Place

Wendy Cruz-Gonzalez, Interior Lighting Design, New York School of Interior Design, Graduate Center

Third Place

Bailey Kellihe, Interior Design, Virginia Commonwealth University

Citation for Innovative Concept

Daniel Marcus, Lighting, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute