2015 Design Problem

Your client is opening a new wine bar and restaurant in a major west coast city. They want you to design a signature pendant light fixture for over the bar and a complementary surface mounted fixture for the lounge area. The pendant and surface mounted fixtures should be both decorative and functional. The lounge area is adjacent to the bar, and has east-facing windows onto the street. The bar and lounge serve hors d’oeuvres, lunch and dinner as well as wine. The ceiling height is 10’. It is up to you to determine the style of the restaurant and the bar and lounge design. Consider how people and food will look under the lighting and how the lighting enhances the space. Consider the way the room looks during the day and evening. Your fixtures should use energy-efficient sources, such as LED, OLED or other light sources with good color rendering and long life to address maintenance issues. The driver or power supply should be integral to the fixture. Self-ballasted lamps and other retrofit lamps that fit into incandescent screw base sockets are not acceptable. Document the fixtures as instructed under the Competition Rules.

First Place

Chelsea Brukardt, Interior Design, Ringling College of Art + Design

Second Place

Karen Cottle, Interior Design/Sales, Weber State University

Third Place

Lila Wengler, Interior Design, Miami University

Citation for Innovative Concept

Victoria Davis, Interior Design, Florida State University

Citation for Innovative Concept

Rose Signoa, Interior Design, Ringling College of Art + Design

Citation for Technical Proof of Concept

Christian Mauzy, Industrial Design, Appalachian State University

Citation for Presentation

Leah Gray, Interior Design, Miami University of Ohio