2018 Design Problem

Your client is building the Sit and Spin LaundroCafe, a combination laundromat and café in an urban area. They have hired you to design a ceiling mounted light fixture (surface mount or pendant) which adds fun and visual delight to the laundry portion of the space while also providing functional lighting. The space is 30’ x 40’ with 10’ high ceilings and the café opens onto the sidewalk in good weather. There are washers, dryers and tables for folding laundry as well as seating for the cafe. There is a barista bar which serves pastries, pre-prepared food and espresso drinks to the patrons as they wait. The architectural design of the space is up to you.

The light fixture should provide good quality lighting for identifying stains, matching colors, and washing clothes and linens. The space should be a pleasant place to hang out. The lighting for the café area is not your responsibility unless you choose to have your light fixture illuminate both the laundromat and café areas. Keep in mind that laundromats are humid spaces, and cafes have health and safety regulations with which to comply. Use energy-efficient light sources. Do not use retrofit lamps that fit into incandescent sockets. Identify all major components and materials of the fixture. Document the fixture as instructed under the Competition Rules.

First Place

Yikuan Peng, Architecture, Auburn University

Second Place

Katie Guillen, Interior Design, Virginia Tech

Third Place

Anna Pieringer, Interior Design, Texas Christian University

Citation for Innovative Concept

Valentin Grukhin, Interior Design, University of Central Oklahoma

Citation for Presentation

Carter Hadley, Architecture, Auburn University

Citation for Presentation

Daniela Mortada, Interior Design, Ringling College of Art and Design