2024 Design Problem

A major health care organization wants to create an environment in their pediatric clinic waiting rooms that is comfortable, unintimidating and an interesting/engaging space for children. The client wants the lighting to provide an appropriate level of light for reading and filling out forms for the parents, but also to feel playful for the children. The space should not seem scary or sterile. Design a ceiling or wall mounted light fixture for this environment that supports the client’s program as well as providing general ambient light for the area. The fixture will be used in non-emergency pediatric clinics in major cities across the United States. The architecture is up to you. The ceiling is 10’ high. Other than the check-in desk, the furniture in the waiting room is flexible/movable. The project team is pursuing a LEED Gold rating. 

Take into consideration the quality of light, energy use, and maintenance of the fixture. Consider how the light from the fixture will make the room feel. How does the light fixture meet the requirements of the program and express the personality of the space? Identify all major components and materials of the fixture. Document the fixture as instructed under the Competition Rules.

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